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We want to be closer to you: Learn about our amazing team, history, goals and motivation!

Founded in 2010, Alesto is a technology consultancy with strong expertise in digital, emerging technology and cyber. We bring a wealth of hands-on experience to help businesses, including financial service providers, media houses and government, achieve more with digital. Using cutting edge technology and agile delivery methods, we help you reinvent, transform and secure a brighter digital future.

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We work with you to help you achieve your goals. Our measure of success is the impact we have made for our clients in the shortest time possible.
Emerging Technologies
Research & design thinking to understand challenges faced by your customers and the barriers you are putting in front of them.
Design solutions
Build from usable insights to focus on the right issues and create meaningful experiences that solve the right problems.
Launch pilots
Release little and often to gather feedback, iterate and save you money.
Emerging Technologies
Continuous development of leadership skills and team capabilities to grow and retain talent.
Our team
David Webb
Alex Stoykov
Alex is the founder and CEO of Alesto. Prior to setting up Alesto in 2010, Alex spent over 10 years in the financial services industry.
Jez Vickers
Andrew Smith
Andrew leads our business critical functions. Working with highly scalable, distributed systems architecture and has extensive experience as a Lead Architect for major banking, financial services & government clients.
Chris Porter
Chris Johnston
MD, Digital
John is an experienced digital lead and has spent years of experience in government.
Gary Richardson
John Richardson
MD, Emerging Technology
John leads our R&D has extensive experience in Blockchain.
We’ve developed strategic relationships with other industry-leading businesses so we can deliver high value solutions to our customers.