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Everything you need to grow your project.
Support, rapid growth tools, investments, lack of competence
Want to grow fast?
For you — our experience, our competencies, our connections. We get involved in the work of your project and quickly provide multiple growth and access to a new level. You do not pay us money — but give a certain share in the project. We work only with those in whom we see real prospects.
How can we help?
Pre-investment preparation of the project
Pre-investment preparation of the project

where can i buy prednisone for dogs For those startups that are looking for an investor, we provide the following support: as a past to the future continuum

  • Audit and business models
  • Assistance in the finalization and preparation of a package of documents for the investor
  • Preparation of the presentation and pitch
  • Contacts with investors
  • Assistance in negotiations and support of the transaction
Refinement of the business concept
Refinement of the business concept

browse this site For the founders of early stage startups who lack the competence to refine the business concept of the future project, we provide the following support:

  • Analysis of the product, market and target audience. Determining the needs of the target audience and enhancing the functionality and / or positioning of the product
  • Identification of risks and weaknesses of the project, assistance in their adjustment
  • Assistance in the development of financial and business models. Testing for Central Asia
  • Assistance in developing a marketing strategy
  • Evaluating the team, adjusting the interaction and debugging internal work processes
Assistance in entering the market
Assistance in entering the market

For startups preparing to launch a product and bring it to market, we provide the following support:

  • Marketing strategy audit, assistance in its refinement and implementation. Key message definition and product positioning
  • Audit competitors, help in developing a competitive strategy
  • Formation of sales strategy
  • Evaluation of the key target center and identification of the most effective channels of interaction with it
  • Strengthening the project team
How we are working?
You send a presentation or project description
We talk personally or on Skype. We give an answer within 24 hours after the conversation
We start doing what we agreed on and look at each other in action.
We make out a share in the company in accordance with the agreements
Our capabilities will surprise you!
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