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We know that building a lean startup product is challenging.
We can help you with your product build, technology choices, strategy and growth at responsible costs
Want to grow fast?
Speed of delivery is everything! We have built numerous prototypes, MVPs and digital products on a low budget and fast. Getting that early customer feedback is invaluable fr your progress. We can provide any technology service - from implementation to advise or even interim CTOs for you startup. Contact us today for an informal discussion of your needs.
How can we help?
Pre-investment preparation of the project
Pre-investment preparation of the project

For those startups that are looking for an investor, we provide the following support

  • Audit of the product or service design, implementation and roadmap.
  • Audit of any legacy code and processes and technology strategy
  • Preparation of the investment pitch and demo
  • Write any white papers or other due dilligence documents
  • Shaping future product requiements
  • Assistance in negotiations and support of you seed round
Refinement of the business concept
MVP development

For the founders of early stage startups who need a working prototype and MVP:

  • Analysis of the product, market and target audience. Defining the user needs and positioning of the product
  • Identification and mitigation of technology and delivery risks
  • Design and development of a prototype/MVP using the most effective technology stack and Agile processes
  • Setup continuous integration and delivery processes and automated tests
  • Build a coherent technical strategy
Assistance in entering the market

For startups preparing to launch a product to market, we provide the following support:

  • Formation of marketing and sales strategy
  • Technology stack and architecture assessment for scalability
  • Advise and implementation of cyber security, support models, running costs and compliance
  • Setup effective performance monitoring
  • Third party and social networks API integrations
  • Strengthening the project team, help with recruiting permanent team members
How do we work
Get in touch and we'll arrange a call to capture your needs.
Work arrangements
Once we agree on how we can help you and with the provided quotes, we'll settle our work arrangements in th emost efficient way
We proceed with the work in an iterative, transparent and collaborative approach.
We'll get you results fast, so you can move on with building your business. We'll stay with you to provide support as needed.
Build and get your product to the market
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